Pollution: Essay of Pollution in English || What is Pollution?

what is Pollution

What is Pollution?

Hints:- 1. Introduction; 2. Air Pollution; 3. Water Pollution; 4. Sound Pollution; 5. Suggestions; 6. Conclusion.

Introduction : Pollution means making the environment dirty and impure. All that surrounds us is environment. It includes air, water, soil, plants, etc. Pollution is of three kinds :

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution 
  3. Sound Pollution

Air Pollution : Pollution in air is very dangerous, we cannot inhale pure and fresh air. All the modern developments are creating air pollution. Smoke from industries, fumes of vehicles and dust pollute air. In large cities we cannot get fresh air. Air pollution causes many diseases such as cough, cold, headache and lungs disease. It damages crops and trees also. Now even the villages are not free from air pollution. It must be checked to prolong the life of human beings.

Water Pollution : Water is the basis of life but now even water is not free from pollution. All our rivers, streams and lakes suffer from it. Industries are its main cause. They discharge their waste directly into rivers. At many places we can see the dead bodies flowing in water. In many cities the dirt ad filth is thrown into the rivers. Thus the water becomes impure and unfit to be drunk. If we drink impure water, we cannot keep our health intact.

Sound Pollution : Sound gets pollution from noise. Noise is increasing day by day due to wrong use of modern means of development. It is created by the industries, swift moving vehicles, jet aeroplanes, television and loudspeakers. Too much noise makes the people deaf and mentally distorted. Immediate steps should be taken to mitigate noise.what is Pollution

Suggestions : Following steps should be taken to end pollution–

  1. Industries should be instructed to make an arrangements for stopping smoke and noise. They should not discharge their waste directly into rivers.
  2. All the people should take care not to throw the waste upon the ground.
  3. All the waste material should be buries underground.
  4. Trees must be planted in a large number.

Conclusion : Human life is the most precious object and it must be kept safe by removing away pollution from the world otherwise to remain alive will be difficult in the world.

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