Essay on Population || The Population problem in our country

Essay on Population

The Population problem in our country

Hints:- 1. Introduction, 2. The estimate of the present situation, 3. Factors affecting the growth of population, 4. Effect, 5. Conclusion

Introduction:- India has been facing a number of acute problems like unemployment, food scarcity, inadequate housing, poor standard of living and above all, the poverty of the masses. All these problems are directly related to the rapidly increasing population. India is undoubtedly proud of her past glory and prosperity. But at present despite economic development and industrialization, India is one of the backward and poor countries in the world just because of its alarming population growth.

The estimate of the present situation:-

The estimated present global population is 6,055 million. India is the second country of China to have level of 102.7 crore which is about 10.8% of world’s total population. These staggering figures are indeed, indicative of the seriousness of the challenges we have to face.

Factors affecting the growth of population:-

Birth rate and death rate are two main factors affecting the growth of population in our country. Modern developments in medical science have led to a marked decline in mortality, but the birth rate remains high and so the population is rising constantly. To make the situation worse, the age-long traditions of early marriage and unrestricted growth of family have not yet been shaken off.


The rise in population brings forth a host of problems and adversely affects the quality of life. As the population increases we need more food supply, more clothing, more houses, more hospitals, more schools, and so on. After attainment of freedom India has made tremendous economic progress but the fruits of development do not match with the rapid growth of population. Consequently the number of ill-fed, ill-clad, illiterate and unemployed people is increasing day after day.


The ever-increasing population and inadequate employment opportunities are throwing a large section of people below the poverty line. If we want to eradicate poverty and improve the quality of line, we will have to treat the population on top national priority. In order to fight this menace, people should be educated about the problem and persuaded to adopt the small family norm.


Difficult Words :-  Scarcity = दुर्लभता,  Staggering = विचलित करना, सोचनीय, Indicative =  सूचित करने वाला,  Mortality = मृत्यु दर,   Menace = खतरा ।     

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