Health is Wealth || Essay on Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Hints: 1. Introduction; 2. Essential of good health; 3. James Allen’s advice; 4. Importance of exercise; 5. Avoidance of intoxicants; 6. Games and sports; 7. Health and society; 8. Conclusion.

Introduction: Health is the greatest wealth. An unhealthy person can enjoy neither food nor sleep. He can do no work at all. An unhealthy man loses all the charms of life. A sick person cannot even sleep soundly in  spite of immense riches. On the other hand, a healthy beggar sleep soundly even on the hard ground. Without being healthy we cannot be active. So we should all become healthy.

Essential of good health: 

Good health cannot be purchased even by a rich man, Sound health requires light air, food, cleanliness, cheerfulness and exercise. The sun light is the main source of life. Without having proper sun-light our bodily parts do not work properly. Sun-energy or heat is necessary for our body.

All Our living places must have proper arrangement of sun-shine and sun-light. Air is the base of our life. We must go for morning walks so that we may enjoy pure and unpolluted air which is essential for our life. Good food gives us energy. Therefore, we should have balanced diet. Our atmosphere should be clean. Cleanliness makes us healthy and prolings our life. Cheerfulness is  essential to enjoy sound health. Laughter makes us healthy. Exercise is very useful for health.

James Allen’s advice:

A famous writer, James Allen says. “Strong, pure and positive though-sphere generates healing and life-giving currents.” He says again, “Disease comes to those who attract it.” Man should be free from anger, worry, jealously and greed because these are the seeds of disease. He advise all, “Think joyful thoughts, think loving thoughts, let the elixir of good will course though your veins, and you will need no other medicine.” Sound health depend on mental cheerfulness.

Importance of exercise:

Present age is the age of impurities and pollution. There is nothing pure and unadulterated. Our folding and drinking habits have changed. The Yoga activities and exercise can play a very important role in the maintenance of health because many Yoga activities remove away many diseases. Regular exercise can create new blood pathways to keep the heart active. So even if some heat-arteries get blocked, heart goes on getting is nourishment and man’s life activities continue for long.

Avoidance of intoxicants:

We should not fall a pray to taking intoxicants such as wine-drinking, tobacco-chewing etc. because smoking and wine-drinking raise our blood-pressure higher and compel the heart to beat faster. Thus to enjoy good health we should avoid taking intoxicants.
Games and sports : Games and sports play a very important part in the preservation of health. Games and sports help is to digest what we eat. If a person cannot digest his food, he will fall ill and lose his health.

Health and society:

Without enjoying sound health, nobody can serve his society, nation, member of his family and mankind. If he is healthy, he can do something for this society otherwise he can do nothing useful for society.


Sound health is the most valuable thing in life. A should mind lives in a sound body. It is only health that brings happiness. So we should avoid all that may prove harmful for health. We should always use health-promoting things. Carefree life, contentment, exercise, simple food and avoidance of intoxicants are essentials for enjoying and preserving health.


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