Problem facing the country, India’s urgent problem

india urgent problem

Problem facing the country, India’s urgent problem

Outlines:-  1. Introduction, 2. Over-Population, 3. Poverty, 4. Unemployment, 5. Rising prices, 6. Corruption, 7. Conclusion.


India is a land of problems. It has been facing them since independence. What to talk of their reduction, their number is increasing day-by-day. This increase in problems is a great obstacle in country’s progress. It is making all economic planning’s meaningless.


The most serious problem facing the country is the problem of population. The population of the country is increasing fast. It gives rise to the other problems like unemployment and poverty. Due to over-population the industrial and economic development becomes of little importance. The government should take some drastic steps to check the increasing population.


Another serious problem facing our country is that of poverty. A large number of people live below the poverty line. They do not have two square meals a day. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. A few people enjoy all the comforts of life. A large number of people remain poor and backward. They cannot send their children to school. Efforts should be made to give jobs or work to everyone.


Unemployment is also a serious problem. There is unemployment in the rural and urban areas. The people who do not get jobs commit crimes as robbery, theft, murder etc. Being dejected they commit suicide. When millions of people are unemployed, they become a great danger to the peace and progress of the country. Present educational system should be changed. It should be according to the needs of the country. Professional and vocational education as well as work-cum-experience course should be encouraged.

Rising prices:-

The problem of rising prices is terrible in India. The prices of all the essential commodities are rising everyday. It has becomes difficult for the poor and the middle class families to make both ends meet. There must be a ban on the hoarding of essential commodities. The Government should take drastic steps to check price-rise.


Corruption has spread its claws from top to bottom. There is inefficiency, dishonesty and bribery everywhere. Even political leaders are not untouched by it. This is all due to fall of moral values in society.


There are many other problem that face the country such as the problem of pollution the problem of corruption, the problem of dowry, etc. The Government and public should join hands to solve the problem facing the country at an early date. Only then our country can becomes great and strong.

Difficult Words:-  obstacle = बाधा, drastic = कठिन, defected = त्रुटि, terrible = भयानक, bribery = घूस, moral values = नैतिक गुण ।     




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