What is Political Science? Importance of Political Science

Political Science

Political Science

Political Science is a social science, this mean that the deal with system of government an the analysis of political activities and political.

Meaning of Politicals Science

Politics is made by Greek word ‘POLIS’ which means state the wording means of political science is study of science of state.


Made By

Greek Word




Wordic means-Study of State

Known as Politics

Politicals science interact with other field; including economic law, sociology, history, public administrative, pubic policy, national politics, international relation, comparative politics, psychology, political organization and political theory, although it was 45 in the 19th century when all the social science were established, political science has ancient rule; indeed it organized almost 2500 years ago with the bulk of ‘Plato’ and ‘Aristotle’.

Political theory is more consulted with the contribution of various classical thinkers, such as ‘Aristotle’, Niccolo, Machiavelli, Sisero, Plato and many other. Political science is a methodologically diverse and appropriate many methods organizing in the social research. 

Approach includes potilizm, interprizm, relation choice theory, we have realism, structuralism, post structuralism, realism, institutionalism etc.

Political science as one of social science which method and techniques that relay to the kind of inquiry sought; primary resources such as historical document and official records, secondary resources such as schorerling, journal articles, survey research, statistical analysis, case study experimentals research and model building. 

Political science deals extensively with the political system, theoretical and political application to politics to examination of political behavior.

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Importance of Political Science

The importance of political science lives in the flat thats all of us lived with in political system, and we are affected by the changes in global political economic. 

With the advart loliegation, there has been a concomitant rise in the impression taken by the people of the word in understanding the political system of other countries.

Hence, political scientist becomes valued and important as the provide the study through which we can understand the global political  economic. There are many universities that provide graduate and higher level degree in political science in recent year. Because of the receivers interest in political science as a field of  study there are many takes for the these course.

The importance of political science are as follows-

Importing knowledge of the state:-

How ever the primary aim of study of political science is to include knowledge of the state, its origin nature structure and function. knowledge about the state is are great significant to modern them.

Importing knowledge of government and administration:-

The administrator, political science and developments to conduct to affair the state, also require sound knowledge of political science in order to perform there function with efficiency and administrator who have know knowledge political science is bound to be;

The principles and norms established in the scholars in political science are immense utility and value to the executive and legislature and judges. Political science extract to be a science is an leadership.




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