The Merchant of Venice Part 1 (The Story)

merchant of venice

The Merchant of Venice Part 1

Antonio was a rich merchant of Venice. He had many friends. He was very intimate with Bassanio. One day he was in a sad mood, by chance he met Bassanio with Lorenzo and Gratiano in the street. Gratiano who was light-hearted and very talkative began to make fun of him. He remarked that Antonio was too much absorbed in worldly affairs.

He said that those who thought too much of the world lost it. At this Antonio said, “I hold the however preferred to play nothing. If they opened their mouths, their fully would be revealed. Lorenzo and Gratiano departed promising to meet their friends for dinner.

In Bassanio’s opinion Gratiano talked more nonsense than any man in Venice, Antonio asked Bassanio about the lady to whom he intended to make a secret journey, Bassanio said that he was in financial difficulties.

He had crippled his fortunes by his extravagant habits. He was worried how to repay his debts. He owned much to Antonio in money. Antonio asked him his plans and promised to do his best for his friend.

The Merchant of Venice

Bassanio said that in Belmont there lived a rich, fair virtuous lady call Portia. She was known for her wealth and worth. Suitors from every land visited her. Her sunny locks were like the Golden Fleece and many Jasons came in quest of her. Bassanio hoped his suit might be crowned with success.

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Antonio said that all his fortunes were on the sea. He had no ready money with him. Antonio asked Bassanio to find out what his credit could do in Venice. He himself promised to try and to make available to him the money that he needed for his journey to fair Portia at Belmont.

Portia’s father had made a will. According to it all suitors for Portia’s hand were compelled to guess in which of the three caskets, one gold, one silver, one lead, her portrait was hidden. The first who guessed right was to mart her.

But each, before he was allowed to choose, must swear that, it he chose wrong he would never there after propose marriage to any women.

Some found his condition hard any went away without trying their luck. Others chose but failed to discover the portrait. Portia herself and those who failed promised not to divulge which casket had been chosen.



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