True style lies in owning a look

True style lies in owning a look

True style lies in owning a look

Fashion is:- A form of expression that switches from to time, giving you enough room to experiment and express yourself.

5 Essential of a woman’s wardrobe :- Well-fitted blue denims, a while cotton top, cool pair kicks, dress that looks great for brunches and dinners, a neutral beg you can carry any time.

My everyday outfit :- Mumbai weather is mostly hot, so a summer dress or shorts and tee.

My shopping strategy :- Look up the latest collections online and then try what I like at the store – no wasting time searching for outfits.

A beauty tip :- Wear minimal makeup, and smile!

Favorite style tricks/hack :- Carry a jacket whenever you’re unsure of look –it’ll hide what you don’t like and the layering is a statement.

A fashion trend I hate :- Feathered and braided brow. I wonder why someone would want to do that to their eyebrows – it’s unappealing.

A trend I love :– Boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable and fun to team up with tees, shirts, crop tops laidback cool.

Biggest fashion blunder :- Wore a faux leather dress once. It was horrible!

Showing skin vs covering up :- Mystery is the key. Leave ‘em curious.

Your style philosophy :– Don’t kid yourself and follow a magazine picture blindly. Find out what makes you feel good when you look in the mirror. True style lies in owning a look you choose.

A fashion advice you swear by :- Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.

A skincare tip from your mom :- Use honey or tomato or aloe vera as a face mask, use vinegar beer for hair.

Airport looks are…:- Too mainstream now. More than comfort, celeb spend too much time and money on it.

Paparazzi is…:– Annoying sometimes. Imagine having to mull over what to wear for a 6 am flight rather than thinking of my luggage.

Your fitness regimen :- Warm water with lime and honey every morning, alternating between yoga and functional training in a week.


A word for you :- Progressive
What makes you feel sexy :- A romper
Ultimate fashion destinations :- Barcelona and milan
Most stylish persons in showbiz :- Kangana Ranaut ( My favorite ) – She is a style chameleon. Sonam Kapoor – She knows what works for her. Also, Saif Ali Khan is always dapper, and Ranveer Singh for his experiments.
Your makeup essential:– A coral lip stain.


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